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Week 3

We have had a great week again in Robins class.  The children are really settled now, know the routines and are making new friends.


This week we have been learning about how we have changed since we were a baby.  We looked at the photos of ourselves as babies and compared them to ourselves now.  We talked about how we grow up from a baby to a toddler, child, teenager, adult and then elderly.  The children talked about what they could do when they were a baby (or couldn't do!) and what they can do now.  We also talked about what a baby needs and everyone helped each other to sort pictures of things a baby needs and doesn't need and stuck them onto a large piece of paper.


We also enjoyed the first of our Squiggle while you Wiggle sessions.  The children are loving this.  We move scarves around in large gross motor movements, like up down, side to side and round and round.  This helps the children when it comes to handwriting.  We dance to music with our scarves and then make the same patterns on the floor with our fingers.


Following the Queen's funeral, as a school, we will be commemorating her life with a large school display and a book full of art work from each year group.  Our Robins have all painted a portrait of the Queen and made beautiful sparkly crowns for our display.  They look so good.


Monster Phonics

So far the children have learned the sounds s a t p i n.

It would be really helpful if you could practise these at home or at anytime you are out and about.  You could spot things beginning with those sounds, play I Spy, flash the letters and say the pure sound, etc. Thank you for your support with this.


We have continued with our continuous provision activities to promote the children's fine motor skills, pegs and boards, threading, lego, etc.  The children have also all tried to cut with scissors, so next week we will have a focussed area on that skill too.  We will begin our Dough Disco session next week, which the children love; to build their finger strength and dexterity in preparation for writing.


Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday!