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ReptonPrimary School


1st Feb

This week in Ravens we have been celebrating National Storytelling week. We started the week with an assembly all about the theme for this year – ‘Dream up a World’. This really came to life on Thursday when we took part in a live lesson with an author Steven Camden. He showed us the process he takes to think of ideas for writing a story. The children were great and very enthusiastic about this. We have used Steven’s idea to then think of our own class street with characters and a problem.  We decided on Orchard Close. We will complete some writing based on this next week.


We have also celebrated National NSPCC Number day, but dressing up as a rockstar to promote TT Rockstars. We had some fantastic outfits! And lots of fun with maths during the morning.


We have also taken part in a drama workshop, the children were all very active and engaged in this, which was lovely to see.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Ravens Team