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W.C. 26.6.23

We have had another great week in the Hedgehogs class, including a fantastic Sports Day! Well done on all your sporting achievements Hedgehogs. Look below to see what learning we have done this week.



In our Maths learning, we have started our new unit: Money. We have had lots of fun exploring money! We started off by learning about how each coin represents a unit (1p represents 1, 2p represents 2 etc). Then we looked at each of the coins from 1p all the way up to £2. We learnt that £1 is equal to 100p so it is worth more than 1p. We learnt that some coins are bronze, silver and gold! We then pretended that the classroom was a shop. The children went around and paid for items around the classroom using their money. We made this harder by including amounts which required multiple coins to make! Here are some challenges you can have a go at below;


Can you name the coins below? They have been muddled up and need ordering from the smallest value to the greatest value! Do you think you can do this?


What coins could you use to buy the items below? You can use a coin more than once!


If you want to practise some more games; here are some below!



In our English this week, the children have been learning their final piece of writing as part of our T4W. We have been learning a finding tale called The Storm Whale. It is a beautiful book written by Benji Davies, about a boy who finds a whale beached on the shores. We learnt this text by reading through the model text. We then created a story map using a Mighty Writer and we acted it out on Tuesday! We then working on some features within the text such as expanded noun phrases and how to start a sentence in an exciting way such as using adverbs like "eventually" and "carefully". 


Look at our story map below. Can you tell your grown-ups about the story by following the story map? You can also use the actions to help you too!




                    You can also look below to find our model text!


Other Curriculum Areas


In our Science learning, we have finished our unit on Plants. We looked at how trees can change throughout the seasons. We learnt that some trees lose their leaves in Autumn and these are called deciduous trees and some trees do not lose their leaves at all and keep them all year round. These are evergreen trees. We went into forest school and the school field to find some evergreen and deciduous trees. We only found two evergreen trees! Can you remember which ones they were? Have a look at the leaves below. Can you tell your grown-up which ones are evergreen and which ones are deciduous?




In our Computing lessons, we have continued to learn about digital media. This week, we learned how to safely search for images online and how to take pictures and edit them. The children went into Forest School and took pictures, and then we came back and edited the photos. Here are their amazing edited photos!



The children also went to Repton school for the performance of 'Cat in the Hat'. We also had a very lovely Sports Day and the children had such a great time.  The rain held off on both those occasions!


Have a lovely weekend Hedgehogs!


Mr Armishaw