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Another great week in the Hegdehogs class this week! I am so impressed with the Hedgehogs' attitude to their learning and how much they are enjoying their lessons, especially in our Topic learning this week! Look below to see what we have been up to.



In our Maths learning this week, we have been learning how to read numbers in numerals and in words. We then used these words to help solve some questions. We realised that some of the numbers are tricky and are spelt differently to how they sound such as eight, four, two, one. We also learnt that when we count from a given number, we do not always need to start from 0 or 1, but we can start counting forward from that number (e.g. 6,7,8,9,10). 


Here is a game that your child can practise at home to help practise their recognition of numbers as words.

Can you also see if you can match these words up to the correct numeral?

I have also put some Maths games on Maths Shed that match with the learning that we have done this week.



In our English work this week, we have been learning more about our story of Zog. We have been sequencing pictures from our story map into the correct order to help see if we can remember the story. We have then been practising writing sentences about the story, using a word bank to help us! Look below at the pictures from our story map, and the word bank. Are there any sentences that you can write about the story. If you can, bring your sentences to Mr Armishaw on Monday!










In our Topic learning, we have been learning about some of the jobs that Ancient Egyptian adults had. We talked about the jobs that grown-ups in today's time have. We then looked at pictures of hieroglyphics to work out what jobs people did. Here are some pictures below. Can you work out the jobs of each of these individuals from these paintings? 

Or you can see if you can spot the job in the picture from the list below.

Pharaoh, farmer, scribe, soldier, priest, vizier, carpenter.


We had our first spelling test this week and it went very well, well done everybody for all your hard work! Here are this week's spellings.


Well done Hedgehogs for a fantastic week, have a great weekend!


Mr Armishaw