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Updates W.C 22.04.24

We have had another great week of learning this week! We have had fun science experiments and lots of rhyming poetry this week! Look below to see what we have been up to.



In our Maths learning we have started our new unit: Multiplication and Division. In Year 1, we do not work with times tables, but we teach the concepts of groups and 'lots of'. This week we have focused on counting in our 2s, 5s and 10s. We have been learning patterns to help us when we count in these ways.


When counting in 2s from 0, the numbers are even.

When counting in 10s from a given number, the tens go up, but the ones digit stays the same.

When counting in 5s from 0, the numbers end in 5 and 0, and they go even, odd, even odd.


We also watched several videos to help us count forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s. Please see the videos below if you want to watch it again at home!

Counting in 2s -

Counting in 5s -

Counting in 10s -


I have also set Maths Shed quizzes to do with these areas, as it is quite a tricky concept to learn! There are also other games below as well;



In our English learning, we have finished our T4W unit on rhyming poetry. The children created fantastic pieces of writing!


We then started our next Talk 4 Writing genre - character flaw stories. These are stories where the character keeps doing something wrong, or has something wrong with them. We learned the story of the Mad-Tempered Ladybird. We learned the story through puppets, and then we went outside to act out the story. Here are some photos of our fantastic acting! Can you tell your grown-up what was the story about? What did the ladybird keep doing? 


In our Science learning, we have had a week full of experiments! On Monday, we tested our sense of smell and touch by trying to identify what was in cups and in boxes. The children had to identify objects by putting their hands into boxes and their noses against cups to see what was inside. The children loved it! The children also used words from a word mat to describe what they could smell and what they could see. We had a wide assortment of random objects! Can you remember what you smelt or touched? What was the strangest thing you touched? What was the smelliest thing you smelled? 

We talked about our sense of sight. We learned that some people are short-sighted and some people are long-sighted, and would need glasses/contact lenses to help them see. We looked at some images of classrooms with someone with 20/20 vision and someone who had short sightedness to explore different eyesight. 


We also tested our sense of hearing as well. We learned that sound is caused by sound waves that vibrate our ear drum. We learned that listening to loud sounds can damage our hearing. We then measured the sounds of instruments in decibels using a decibel meter. We found out that the cow-bell had the loudest sound with 66dB!



This week, we have been learning about how tricky witch changes the letter 'c' to make a 's' sound when in the middle of split digraphs and before a 'y'. We also learned about how the letter 'g' can make a /j/ sound when it is before an 'e', or in a split digraph. We also did some revision on practising reading real and nonsense words.


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Have a lovely weekend!


Mr Armishaw