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W/C 11.09.23

We have had a super week, full of lots of learning! 


In maths, we have used place value charts to represent numbers up to 100. Show someone at home what you can do: 

We then used our place value charts to write addition calculations. Have a go at the one below:

We have also been using part-whole models to partition numbers to 100 into tens and ones. Try these:


In English, we planned and wrote our postcards all about our summer holiday. Who did you write your to? What did you include? We then edited our work using our writing toolkit. Can you remember what each symbol means?

On Thursday and Friday, we started our new unit of work: Descriptive Posters. To start our unit off, we designed and created our very own pet dragons! What is your pet dragon called? What does it look like?


In topic, we learnt lots about Queen Victoria. Can you remember a fact that you learned? Use the clues below to help you:


We also looked at what life would have been like for a poor and wealthy Victorian child. Can you remember some of the toys they had? Who went to school? What did they wear? Were all children treated the same?