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W.C. 19.6.23

Another great week for the Hedgehogs class! They are getting closer to becoming an owl and I think all the children are showing me that they are ready for Year 2. Look below to see what learning we have been doing this week!



In our Maths learning, we have been doing some tricky Maths this week. We have been learning about quarters. We learnt that we can quarter objects by splitting them into 4 equal partsWe practised cutting shapes and objects into 4 equal parts. We then used this knowledge to help quarter amounts as well. We learnt that we can make quarter amounts by sharing the amount between 4 groups. We were so clever and we used bar models to help us! Here is a game which tests the children's ability to half and quarter - give it a go!


Can you tell which shapes below are halved and which ones are quartered?



Can you also find a quarter of the amounts below by using the bar models to help you?



In our English this week, the children let their creative minds run wild as this week it was HOT WRITE week! The children were tasked with writing a letter to somebody of their choice, inviting them to do something that they wanted to do. We had a range of ideas, from inviting someone on holiday, inviting someone to join them in space, and inviting someone to come to their birthday. The children did such an amazing piece of writing. Their writing can be seen in our Writing Gallery. Look at Mr Armishaw's plan below. Can you think of sentences that Mr Armishaw could use in his letter? How would he start off his letter? How would he finish his letter?




In our Science learning, we continued our learning on plants and we looked at the features of a tree. We talked about the features of a tree and how they are different to a plant. We also plant a fun game of Simon Says but using parts of a tree! Can you use your body and point to the different parts of the tree below?

roots, trunk, bark, branches, leaves and crown? We also looked on Wednesday at the number of daylight hours. On Wednesday, it was the Summer Solstice and we talked about why that day was the longest day of the year. We used the Earth and we went outside to show the children why there are different seasons and how the Earth tilts closer to the Sun during the season of Summer. 


Art and Computing

In Art, we have been working with textiles to create forms of art. We looked at an artist called Judith Scott and how she uses wool to wrap objects to make them artistic. On Thursday, we used different colours of wool to wrap objects. The children measured, chose, cut and wrapped their wool around their objects and the children did such a good job! Here are some pictures of our creations below.

In Computing, we have started our new unit on creative media. The children were tasked with creating a photo story using the IPADS. The children had to first of all create a story map and discuss what props they may need for their scenes. The children then each had a turn at taking photos of their scenes to create their stories. The children then explained their stories to the rest of the class and the children were brilliant at reading them back. Here are some of our stories below!



Have a lovely weekend and I might see some of you at our Summer Fayre on Saturday!


Mr Armishaw