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Updates W.C 03.06.24

We have had a great first week back after the half-term break! I hope you all had a lovely, restful break ready for our final term in Year 1! Have a look at what we have been learning about below.



In our Maths learning, we have finished off our learning on place value to 100. We have been learning how to partition numbers to 100 into tens and ones. We have also been learning about how we can place numbers on a number line from 1-100 and also estimate where numbers could be as well! We have ended our week by revisiting our favourite friends, our comparison crocodiles < > and =, who have helped us compare numbers from 0 - 100. You can find Maths quizzes for each of these lessons on Maths Shed, using the same login details as Spelling Shed, but using the website Maths Shed instead. Or, have a go at these challenges below.


Challenge 1


Challenge 2                                      Challenge 3




In our English learning, we have been learning a new type of genre. We have been learning about persuasive letter writing.  Our letter is about persuading a boy called Noi to save a whale. The letter is inspired by the book The Storm Whale. We started to learn this letter first by creating a story map using the Mighty Writer map. We then used this help box the letter up into its features. We also learned about the prefix ('un') in the week and how that is used in the letter. We also learned what makes a really good letter, and we searched through the text to find those features. Have a look at the text map and the model text below? Can you point out to your grown-ups the features of the letter? Can you talk through some of the letter back to your grown-up, or explain why Noi should save the whale?




This week in our Science, we have been finishing off our work on Seasons. On Monday, we went into the Forest School to observe signs of Spring and Summer, as we have just entered the month of June! On Wednesday, we then looked at why we have 4 seasons. We talked about how the earth tilts on its axis and when we tilt towards the sun, then we are in Summer. When we tilt away from the sun, it is Winter. We created some pictograms to find out how that affects day length and we learned that in Summer we have the longest days, and in Winter we have the shortest days. We then did a quiz to consolidate our learning on the seasons.



In our Phonics learning, we have been revising the ie, ie, ew and igh graphemes. Please use the time-to-read sheets to practice any sounds that your child struggles with.


Next week is the Phonics Screening Check. It is nothing for your child to worry about and I have phrased it to the children as a 'little reading quiz' so they do not feel pressure. I will be doing them throughout the week from Tuesday onwards. I will let you know how your child has done in their end-of-year reports, as the pass mark has not been stipulated yet. Please use the QR codes, and any other resources to help practise sounding and blending, and recalling digraphs. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Spellings and QR Codes



Have a lovely weekend!

Mr Armishaw