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ReptonPrimary School


17th Nov

We have had a great week. The children have all worked hard on their fractions work. We have been using improper fractions, mixed numbers and adding fractions. We have worked a lot on showing our working out and setting our work out clearly, which has paid off. 


In English, we have planned and started writing a biography on Anne Frank. The children had lots of information and have start constructing their sentences well. We have used the Think it, Say it, Write it, Read it, Check it system, which has helped many children. We also ensure we read our work aloud too to identify any areas to develop. 


We have been super lucky this week to be invited to see 'High School Musical' at Repton. The show was fantastic and all of the children were well behaved throughout the performance. 


We have also raised awareness of anti-bullying this week, we have thought about what it is and the different types of bullying that occur, and most importantly, how to stop it. 


You all looked great today in your pj's or dressed as your hobby. 


Have a lovely weekend.


The Ravens Team