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Week 5

We’ve had another super week learning all about Antarctica.  The children are full of facts and are really enjoying this topic.  We investigated what animals lived in Antarctica.


Can you tell your grown up which animals live in Antarctica and which don’t?


Tuesday was Safer Internet Day.  We learned all about how to stay safe on the internet.  We know that we must ask an adult before we use the internet and they will make sure we are using safe websites, games and videos.  We know that we must not talk to strangers on the internet, just as we wouldn’t in real life and that if anything happens that makes us scared or upset we must always tell an adult.


Can you tell your adult how we can keep safe on the internet?



In maths this week we explored ‘pairs’ and investigated which numbers could be put into pairs.  We found some numbers could and others had one left out.  We put ourselves into pairs and we had one left out!  We knew that if our friend who was away came back we could all be in a pair.  We know that a pair means two and we looked at twos in amounts of objects, on and off a 10 frame and could easily see which amounts we could sort into pairs and which would have one left over.  Can you show your adult which of the numicon below can make pairs and which will make pairs but have one left over?



In English, we read a story called ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers.  It was about a penguin who was lost and a little boy found him, researched that he came from Antarctica and look him home.  He then missed him and went back for him.  It is a lovely story about friendship.  The children made a story map about the story and retold the story using the map.


In Monster Phonics this week, we have learned the phoneme ‘ai’.  It is the sound that Angry Red A makes.  We wrote and read many words with this sound in.

Can you read the story Hansel and Gretel to your adult?  It is attached at the bottom of this page!


This week is also Children’s Mental Health Week and as part of this we played games about ‘connections’.  We all held hands in a circle and passed a hula hoop through us all without breaking hands!  It was quite tricky but we did it with great team work. We then all held hands in a sitting circle and thought about ways we are the same and different to the people we were connected to (holding hands with).  We thought about appearance, but also what things we liked to do, where we lived, what we were good at, whether we had brothers or sisters etc.  The children then drew pictures of themselves which we joined together in the same way to show that we are all connected even though we are different!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!