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Updates W.C 02.10.23

A great week for the Hedgehogs this week! I feel very lucky to have such a hard-working and enthusiastic class and this week they all impressed me with their first ever Year 1 HOT WRITE. Well done Hedgehogs! Look below to see what we have been doing this week.



In our Maths learning this week, the children have been learning all about 'comparison crocodiles'. These are new symbols that are introduced to help children compare numbers. The crocodiles are

< = less than

> = greater than

= = equal to

The children have been using the symbols to compare practically using cubes, compare pictures and then compare numbers. I have attached a link below to a game to practise using crocodiles to compare numbers. Here is the link. I have also put some games on Maths Shed too!


Here is a question you can try with your parents! What numbers could go in the box and who is right out of the two children below?




In our English learning, the children have spent the week writing their HOT WRITES. Hot writes, for those who aren't familiar with these, are when children write independent pieces of writing with very limited support. The children wrote their own versions of Zog by choosing their own character and deciding if there are any other changes they wanted to make to their story. The children's HOT WRITES were fantastic and I am so pleased with how much they have grown already! The children on Friday went through their hot writes with me and we edited our work together. Can you remember what your story was about? Can you write a 'mini' HOT WRITE at home for your grown-ups? Can you remember what things we had to edit in your writing, or what Mr Armishaw said about your writing?



In our History learning, we have looked at what homes looked like 100 years ago. We looked at features of an old house and a new house and talked about features that would be different.  We used Google Maps to explore the local area and we found some examples of new houses and old houses by looking at their features! We then looked at the interior of a home 100 years ago and we found these three objects. Do you think you could tell your grown-up about these objects? What are they made of? How do they work? What were they used for? Could rich people and poor people have these objects? I have added some words to help you explain to your grown-ups! 



Other Curriculum

We have also been doing some fantastic Kandinsky style pieces of artwork. The children on Thursday, whilst Mr Armishaw was out, created some beautiful pieces of artwork using oil pastels, crayons and different 2D shapes. 


In Computing, the children also used SKetchpad to create their own scenes of The Three Little Pigs. The children changed a background, used different sketching tools and used clipart to create their pictures.




Well done Hedgehogs on a fantastic week. Have a lovely weekend!


Mr Armishaw