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W/C 02.10.23

Well done Owls for super week! 


In maths, we have been comparing pictures and numbers. Have a go at the problems below:


We then ordered numbers from 'smallest' to 'greatest' and vise versa. Can you order these numbers from 'smallest' to 'greatest'? Remember to look at the 'tens' to help you:


55    73      81      23       39        60        12


We have also been learning to count in groups of 2 and groups of 5. Can you show someone at home how we do this? Use the number square below to help you:


In English, we discovered that our pet dragons had gone missing! We decided to write a descriptive poster to put around school. This was our first 'Hot Write' in Year 2. We included capital letters, full stops, questions and expanded noun phrases! Can you remember one expanded noun phrase that you included in your hot write? We were really proud of them! We did such a good job that the dragons all return back on Friday and our reward was some chocolate coins! Well done, Owls!


In topic, we have been learning about the changes that were made throughout the Victorian era which allowed all children to attend school for free! We placed these on a timeline. Can you tell someone at home about what happened? Use the pictures below to help you...

On Thursday, we had our Victorian Workshop! We had so much fun learning about what life was like in the Victorian ear with Ms Grimm. What was school like? What jobs did they have? What jobs did a maid have to do?