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ReptonPrimary School


2nd May

The Ravens have had a great week. We have enjoyed the warmer weather and being able to go on the school field at lunch times. 


The warmer weather has not stopped the Ravens foccusing on their work though, they have done a lot of work in preperation for writing their science fiction stories next week. We completed a plan and a double page spread to generate vocabulary that we will use next week. We look forward to reading these stories. 


In Maths, we have completed our topic on angles and started work on co-ordinates on Thursday. We read and plotted co-ordinates on a grid and then on Friday solved some problems involving co-ordiantes. Some grids weren't labelled so we needed to use existing co-ordinates to work out the others. 


We have looked at orthadox and reform synagogues in RE this week and compared these. We found the video very interesting and learnt lots of new vocabulary. 


We hope you have a great weekend, an extra long one this week! 


See you on Tuesday,


The Ravens Team