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Week 3

This week we have asked the question ‘How have I changed since I was a baby?’  As a starting point we enjoyed looking at pictures of ourselves as babies.  It was fun trying to guess who was who, and the teachers too!  We talked about how we had changed physically; what we looked like then versus now and also what we couldn’t do then that we can do now, such as walking, talking, feeding ourselves, getting dressed and going to the toilet.


We cut out and sorted pictures of different things that a baby does and does not need and stuck them onto a sorting sheet.  This was a good opportunity for speaking and listening and practise for our cutting and gluing skills. 

We watched Mojo as part of our growth mindset learning.  We talked about how if we keep trying, just like Mojo, we can learn to do things that we can’t do now.  We only can’t do those things ‘yet’.  Just as we have learned to do things since we were a baby by keeping on trying.


We continued our Monster Phonics learning this week.  We learned two news sounds – i and n and the tricky words, it, in, is.  We also built words to blend to read using these sounds along with s a t p from last week.  You can find all the information you will need about this scheme in the Monster Phonics section of our class page.  We will be sending home the first set of tricky words to keep in your reading diary to practise at home.  We do learn these in class but it is important that the children practise them at home regularly too, as there will be new ones introduced on a weekly basis and sent home regularly.


We continued our Squiggle while you Wiggle sessions again this week.  The children are getting good at following patterns in the air with their scarves to music, such as left, right, up, down and around. We also write these patterns with our fingers in the air, on the floor and on the large smart board. 


We enjoyed our PE lesson on Wednesday and on Friday we went into our forest area for the first time to see where our sessions take place.  We learned about the important rules to keep us safe and sat in the log circle and enjoyed a story!  Pictures are in the Forest Time section of our class page. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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