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W.C. 1.5.23

What a fun-filled week we have had this week! Although it has been a short one, it has been action-packed with science experiments, awesome artwork, and a fantastic, colourful Colour Run! Look below to see what we have been up to this week, including photographs taken from the week!



In our Maths learning, we have been working on volume and capacity. We have been looking at how we can describe the amount of liquid in a container using words like empty, nearly empty, nearly full and full. We also compared containers of liquid using the words more and less. On Friday, we then explored the word capacity by having four different-sized containers. We talked about how capacity is the maximum amount of space contained in a container. We wanted to find out which container could hold the most water. We worked in groups to find out how many full cups of water went into each container. We made some predictions and the children really enjoyed working together to find out which container had the greatest capacity. Here are some pictures below! Can you tell your grown-up which container had the greatest capacity, which container had the smallest capacity?


This week we have completed our HOT WRITES on journey tales. The children all worked so well to produce a fantastic double-page spread, and then they created beautiful stories from this! The stories can be viewed in our bay. Can you tell your grown-up what story you created?



In our Science learning, we went on a walk around the school and we used our sense of sight and hearing to identify what different things we could hear in different sections of the school. We heard tractors, motorbikes, children, and of course... peacocks! We talked about how our eyes work and how our ears work and how our ears have an ear drum that gets hit by sound waves! 



We had a really fantastic art lesson on Thursday. We have been continuing our work on sculptures and 3D art this week, and we focused this week on creating paper 3D structures. We looked at an example of a 3D drawing and how we can use 2D paper and transform it into 3D shapes by twisting, folding, rolling and scrunching up paper. The children then created their own 3D paper drawings by manipulating different colours of paper. The children remarked on how all their drawings looked like rollercoasters! Here are a few of our fabulous 3D structures below!

Colour Run

On Friday, we had lots of fun on our colour run to celebrate the King's Coronation! Take a look at our pictures below!

Phonics Practise Sheet - 5.5.23


























Have a lovely bank holiday weekend! I will see you all on Tuesday afternoon, as Mrs Ward is teaching on Tuesday morning.


Mr Armishaw