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W.C. 14.11.22

What a fantastic week Hedgehogs! We have done some really challenging learning this week and I am so proud of their resilience and determination. Well done Hedgehogs! Look below to see what we have been learning about.



In our Maths learning, we have started subtraction this term and we started by looking at part-whole models. We started by using resources to find a missing part from a part-whole model. We started by building the whole of a part-whole model. Then when we looked at the part that we had, we then moved the counters from the whole to the part, to find out how many are remaining in the whole. We also looked at how we can do it on a piece of paper. We could draw counters in the whole and cross out the number of counters from the part to work out the remaining part. It was tricky learning, but we really persevered and the children were really successful! Here are some part-whole models below. Can you work out with your grown-up the remaining part and complete the addition sentences below. 


Here are some games as well that you can use to practise subtracting!



In our English learning, we have started our new T4W unit on non-chronological reports. A non-chronological report is a piece of writing that contains information about a subject. It is very similar to a fact file. We have been learning a fact file all about a famous Egyptian pharaoh, Queen Cleopatra. We have been learning a model text. We also created a text map using our Mighty Writer story map. The children helped select images as I read out the sentences from the text. We then used the story map to write sentences about Cleopatra using a word mat. Have a look at the Mighty Writer text map below and the word mat, can you tell your grown-up or write about Cleopatra?




In our Topic this week, we have been learning all about Ancient Egyptian homes. We looked at a source of a clay house and thought about what we can see from the sculpture. We then looked at what features there were in these houses and compared it to present-day houses. Can you tell your grown ups any features of an Egyptian home? We then looked at what a rich Ancient Egyptian home could look like and how they had superior homes to poor Egyptians.



Children in Need Day

We had a lovely day celebrating Children in Need and raising money for this worthwhile cause. Here is a photo of us putting our tokens on Pudsey!




Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday!


Mr Armishaw​​​​​​