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Updates W.C 25.03.24

We have officially completed 2/3 of this academic year! This term has definitely been the quickest, but it has also been very fun. This week, we have had Easter Discos, and we have had some cool learning which you can find below!



In our Maths learning, we have been focusing on how two-digit numbers are made up of tens and ones. We have been learning how the first digit in a two-digit number is the number of tens and the second digit is the number of ones. We have been building two-digit numbers up to 50 by using tens and ones, and representing the tens and ones by drawing pictures of tens and ones, and writing addition sentences as well! Here are some pictures of us building numbers using tens and ones.

Can you have a go at drawing these numbers at homes using tens and ones? Remember we draw 'sticks' for the tens, and 'dots' for the ones!






Can you count the pictures below, remembering to count the groups of ten first, and then the ones!         


In our English work this week, we have been focusing on rhyme. We learned that rhyme is when two words sound the same and that the last syllable in each of the words is the same. Rhyming words can be spelt differently like in cheese and peas. On Monday, we tried thinking of rhymes that rhymed with words in our model text, and on Thursday we created sentences that rhymed. The children loved creating funky, cool rhyming sentences! Can you think of words that rhyme with the words below? If you do, write them down and bring them in after the Easter break!








This is the last week of our Geography for this year, and we have really enjoyed learning all about Kenya. We have done so much work on mapping, finding out physical and human features of Kenya and the UK, and learning about the history and culture of Kenya. This week, we worked in pairs to create maps of a new Kenya city that is equal for everyone. We talked about what cities need to be safe, and what we want from a city. We finished the week by comparing Kenya and the UK, comparing physical features, human features and culture. We used this to find out how similar and different the UK and Kenya were from each other. Are there any things that you think are similar between Kenya and the UK? Is there anything different between them?



In our Art, we also finished off our learning on Sculpture and 3D Paper Play. Last week, the children designed their own buildings, and on Wednesday, the children worked in pairs to bring them to life. We used all the skills that we had learned in the previous lessons to create our sculptures. Here are our buildings below! If you can find yours, can you describe to your grown-ups what techniques you used to build your sculpture?


This week in our  phonics, we have recapped the oy, ay digraphs and the split digraphs a-e, e-e and i-e. Please use the QR codes or the Time to Read sheets to recap these.


QR Codes for half-term

Week 1


Week 2

There are no spellings to learn over half-term, as I do want children to have a break from spellings. However, please can I ask your child to read their reading books, and to practice the real and nonsense words on the QR codes. You are more than welcome to use the other QR code sheet or Time to Read Sheets as well to consolidate any phonemes that your child struggles with.


Have a lovely, restful Easter break!

Mr Armishaw