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ReptonPrimary School


15th Dec


This week we have continued with our English topic of non chronological reports. We are now at the writing stage, ready to display our work on a double page spread next week.


We have continued with going over some areas of maths this week that we just needed a little more practise with, this has included: prime numbers and breaking the whole when subtracting fractions. We have got it now!


We have also done two science investigations, where we have looked at the effects of water resistance and also friction. The children worked well together to conduct their investigations and enjoyed doing this. We have also found out about different mechanisms and how these work. 


We have been very lucky to be invited to the church today to take part in some Christmas activities, which has been fantastic. The children were all very engaged and enjoyed the activities. Please take a look at some photos on our class page from this morning. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Ravens Team.