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Another beautiful week at RPS! The sun has been shining and the children have enjoyed playing on the field during play time and lunch time this week.


In English this week we have published our non-chronological reports on our chosen animal. I was so proud of the children’s final pieces! The progress they have made this year is amazing. I hope they are proud of themselves too! At the end of the week, we moved onto a new unit: fantasy stories! We learnt what fantasy stories were and read through our WAGOLL. To help us understand the story a little bit more, we answered some comprehension questions about the text. Over the next few weeks we will be planning and writing our very own fantasy stories!


In Maths, Year 3 have been learning all about money, we recapped the value of the different coins and notes and then learnt how to add and subtract different amounts. Year 4 have continued their learning about decimals. This week they have been learning how to make a whole using tenths and hundredths and how to partition decimal numbers into tens, ones, tenths and hundredths. Next week, as Y6 will be completing their SATS in different rooms around the school, we are going to have a week of Maths investigations in our normal classes.  


In Science this week, we completed our egg investigation! The shell of an egg is very similar to the enamel on our teeth, so we were finding out how different liquids might affect our teeth after a period of time. The coca cola stained the egg shell brown, the orange juice left a chalky white layer on the egg and the vinegar permeated the egg and made it bouncy! This taught us how important it is to brush our teeth regularly!


In Art this week, the children had a go at sketching a selection of ‘fish’, one of which they will be making into a wire model next week!


On Friday we had a visit from the local MP, Heather Wheeler. She spoke to the children about her career as an MP and they had the opportunity to ask her questions about her job. We also had our class photo taken on Friday! These will be on sale soon 😊.


Have a lovely weekend and stay safe in this sunshine!


Miss Hanslow