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W/c 3rd June 2024

Welcome back to the last half term of this academic year.  I can’t quite believe how quickly it has arrived. I hope you had a lovely relaxed half-term and are ready for the excitement of this final half-term. 


In Maths, this week Year 3 have carried on with their unit on Time.  They have learnt about using am and pm and have also thought about years, months and days. Can you explain this True or False question to your grown-up?

Year 4 have been learning about money.  They have written money using decimals, converted between pounds and pence and compared amounts of money.  This has involved lots of the skills we have developed over the year which have included understanding and using decimals and the formal method of addition and subtraction.  Can you explain this True or False question to your grown-up?

English saw us writing our Fantasy Stories.  The children looked at all of the features that they have learnt about during this unit, including fronted adverbials, a reminder about speech and including description of your character and their emotions.  The children have created some wonderful fantasy stories with some superb detail.  Well done. 


We began the Design Technology part of our term this week by beginning to think about the healthy sandwiches we are going to create.  The children thought about sandwiches that they have eaten and whether these would form part of a healthy-balanced diet.  They then went on to collect data from the rest of the class about what the most popular sandwich was. This information will help them decide what sandwich they eventually make.


We began our new Art topic focusing on using the natural world as the inspiration for our Art this week as well.  The children chose a picture from the Rainforest and created a pastel piece from all of it or part of it.  Super art work Puffins. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Stay safe

Mrs Karamucki