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Updates W.C 10.6.24

What a busy week we have had this week! The children have undergone their Phonics Screening Checks, they had an amazing Sports Day on Wednesday and the children have "blown me away" with their windmills that they have created in DT. Well done Hedgehogs on surviving a very busy week!


Phonics Screening Checks

I am proud of all the Hedgehogs for their fantastic attitude towards the assessment, and for how they persevered with it. A big thank you to those that did any extra practice with the children to help them with the check, it is thoroughly appreciated.

The standard threshold pass mark for this year’s phonics screening check will be published on Monday 24th June. Last year the pass mark was 32 out of 40, however this can change. I am unable to share results at this moment in time, but the results of the check will be issued in your child’s end of year report. In the report, your child’s score will be included alongside a comment on whether your child has passed, or whether your child will need to retake the check next summer.



In our Maths learning this week, we have had Mr Tague, Mrs Ward and myself teaching Maths throughout the week as I have been doing Phonics Screening Checks in the mornings. In our Maths, we have focused on the unit: Length and Height this week. We have been using the words longer, shorter, taller and smaller to compare objects. We have also been using units such as cubes and paper clips to measure objects around the classroom. On Wednesday, we learned the new skill of using a ruler to measure objects in centimetres (cm). The children also had a go at drawing straight lines using the ruler as well which was a difficult task! Can you have a go at drawing straight lines using a ruler and pencil at home? Can you draw a;

10cm line?

15cm line?

20cm line?

23cm line?

28cm line?

30cm line?

If you can, bring your piece of work in and you can earn some house points for your chosen house.


 There are Maths shed quizzes online for this week's learning. There are also games below which you can access as well;



In our English learning, we have been continuing our work on letter writing. This week, the Hedgehogs were tasked with using the text map to write sentences about the model text from memory. We then decided on how we can innovate the letter and we created a new letter instead. This time, it was a letter to persuade Mr Armishaw to get the Hedgehogs a class pet. We thought of reasons why we should have a class pet and created some writing on this. Here are the three reasons that we decided on. Can you think of a sentence for each one? Can you remember to include a time conjunction, conjunctions or even a prefix in your sentence?




DT (Design and Technology)

In our DT work this week, we have been working on designing, making and evaluating a windmill. We have tied this learning into our work on seasons, and we discussed how it can be windy in any season. We talked about how windmills are useful and how they work by the wind. On Monday, we designed our own windmill, and on Tuesday we created our windmills by following our designs. On Friday, we then evaluated our windmills so we can see what things we would change if we were to do it again. Can you explain to your grown-up how you made your windmill? What colour was your base, your tower and your sail? Here are some pictures of our windmills below!

Sports Day

Sports Day was a huge success. The children really enjoyed the field events and the track events, and everyone was a good sport. It was good to see the sunshine come out as well. Here is a Hedgehog class photo!


There are no more QR codes for the children to practise (which I am sure children and parents are relieved about!). Spellings will continue for the next 3-4 weeks. Here are this week's spellings which are available on Spelling Shed. 



Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mr Armishaw