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Vikings in Repton - Part 2

Today our Year 6 children took part in an immersive day of art, history and writing centred around the Vikings in Repton. The collaboration involved children from RPS, St Wystan's and key personalities within the village involved with history including the former head of Art at Repton School. One of the highlights was having the opportunity to meet famous author, Tony Bradman, on a Zoom call (he was supposed to be with us in person but was unfortunately too unwell to travel). Children had the opportunity to ask Tony questions and hear what inspired him to write so many children's books including 'Viking Boy'. He also passed on some great tips for writing an exciting story! Our children were also give a tour of the school and church site where the Vikings has settled in 873AD and where Saxon graves had recently been dug up. Our children also had a fun art session creating Viking shields using ink and bamboo sticks. The day finished with some writing in the crypt and church around setting descriptions. It was an amazing day, the children learned lots and behaved impeccably. Well done!