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Return to school for all children on 8th March

Please see letter about all children returning to school on March 8th.


Following on from The Prime Minister’s announcement last night that all school children in England will return to school on 8th March we are looking forward to welcoming all our children back on this date. This news is very exciting as a full school means we are more like the Repton Primary that we all know again. The return in March to all children does not pose us with any panic or stress and we will revert back to the successful system that we had in place in September. The first term was a huge success in terms of very limited disruption so we intend to follow this again. We will of course welcome children back within these current restrictions until such a time, like the end of June, might allow us to ease measures even further.


So in the meantime, from 8th March, it will mean that all children will have a window of arrival in the morning, staggered play and lunchtimes and a staggered end to the school day. These arrangements will be as follows:


Start of day:


8.45 – 9am: Children arrive at school


End of day:


3pm: Reception, Year 1 and Year 2


3.05pm: Year 3


3.10pm: Year 4/5 and 6


As before if you have a younger and older child please collect at the older child’s later time and the younger child will wait with their teacher.




The smaller bubbles currently have meant that it has been possible to get all children through the dinner hall in the short space of time. With a full school however, this will not be possible with the bubble system. Therefore, it would be easier if your child brought in their own sandwiches but if they did want a cooked dinner then these would be available but would temporarily revert back to a take away style lunch. Of course if your child is in Reception, Year 1 or 2 or is entitled to a free school meal then these will be catered for. We will also plan to get Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 through the dinner hall in their allotted time.


Breakfast and after school clubs:


With all children returning to school and potentially parents returning to the workplace we are going to reopen our breakfast and after school provisions.


If you would like a place at breakfast club from 8th March please sign up in the usual way – contact Mrs Ward –


For after school club contact Premier on





School Uniform


We expect all children to return in their full school uniform but we are also sympathetic to situations where children might have grown out of shoes or uniform items and places have been closed. If this is the case then please let your class teacher know.


We are very much looking forward to having all our children back again on 8th March so until then - take care.



Best wishes


Mr Tague